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Universal mHealth Regulatory, Quality, Compliance & Auditing Standards Program Development encompasses multiple mHealth data architectures geographically mapped to global regulatory and standards requirements.

Define & Establish Validated Universal Global mHealth:

Incident Handling Protocol & Standards across multiple data architectures mapped to global regulatory and standards requirements 

MOE Measures of Effectiveness Protocol & Standards

Monoculture Intrusion Detection & Remediation Protocol & Standards

Militarized & Demilitarized Zone Protocol & Standards

Geographic Link State Protocol & Standards

Full Duplex Encryption Protocol & Standards

Mobile Phone Coding PHI Exchange & Warehousing Standards

mHealth Informed Consent Standards

PHI Multiplexing & Data Warehousing Protocol & Standards

Develop & Define Validated Universal mHealth Wireless & Electronic Data Exchange / Submission Regulatory and Standards Requirements across multiple data architectures (wireless, mobile, digital, biometric, imaging & electronic computerized) for clinical data exchange/submission to global regulatory bodies.

Develop Polylinguistic Quality, Compliance & Auditing Programs  & Supporting Implementation Documentation Templates
to support Universal mHealth Regulatory Data Exchange/ Submission Configuration Requirements, and Standards.

Provide Real-time Polylinguistic Global Access to Universal mHealth Quality, Compliance & Auditing Guidance to Industry including Universal mHealth Wireless & Electronic Data Exchange, Capture, and Storage Best Practices & Auditing Recommendations. 

Define Three to Five Universal mHealth Levels of Validated Secure Wireless Network Personal Health Information Configuration Requirements across multiple data architectures for privacy and protection, secure & limited access, submission, exchange and storage of personal health information.

Establish Universal mHealth Quality & Auditing Standards to support Universal Levels of mHealth Personal Health Information Data Exchange, Storage & Access

Provide Real-Time Polylinguistic Access to Established Levels of Wireless mHealth Personal Health Information Exchange Guidance
including Wireless mHealth Personal Health Information Exchange Best Practices & Auditing Recommendations.

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